Tuesday, 3 February 2015

"B" is for ...

Well, Buzzard for one thing. This one was kind enough to fly by at Greylake and it is always a treat when they condescend to come close enough for a photo.

And here it is going away with just a final look over its shoulder.

And "B" is also for Bittern. First one flew past in the distance at Westhay, almost too far away for a photo but looking splendid against the darker background.

Then later one flew very close across the front of the hide. Frustratingly, it was too close, and moving too fast, for me to be able to get the camera on to to it until it had almost gone past.

I always prefer an approaching shot, but at least from this angle you get to see the lovely patterning on the top of its wing. 

I think that both Bitterns and Marsh Harriers will start to get a lot more active now that Spring is approaching. The Harriers are reportedly already engaging in some display activity. Hopefully I can look forward to some good days out with my camera.

Finally, here are a few Gadwall shots just for the colours really.


PS I had a great time delivering my illustrated talk, "Birds in Flight - a photographic adventure", to Taunton Camera Club #Taunton on Monday night. Thankfully it was very well received and made for an enjoyable evening.

Please do visit my website at www.johncrabb.co.uk and perhaps even book me for a talk.


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