Thursday, 4 February 2016

Even on a quiet day, there's always a bird photo to be had.

It's a funny thing but, even when I come back from a bird photography outing feeling that I have had a pretty blank day, there always seems to be something surprisingly interesting in the camera. I guess that this is all about pressing the shutter when your instincts whisper to you, and having an open mind when you come to review your shots on the computer afterwards. This quirky shot of a Cormorant on an ugly pole for example seemed to have more charm than I had thought when I took the shot.

The day started with me watching some Wigeon cruising the edge of a tidal creek at Seaton. Some other Wigeon were grazing on the island above them and it became apparent that the floating birds wanted to join them, only problem being a two foot bank to get over. After much consideration they did what they do best of course and decided to fly up and over. It was surprising what an obstacle they seemed to consider it. Here is a female on her way up.

Later more Wigeon flew in to join the happy band.

There was also a Curlew in attendance. Apparently Curlew are suffering a population decline so it is always nice to see one.

Even better when you can snap one in flight.

Then finally, after a drenching shower, these two Little Egrets came into land. I caught a rather pretty arrangement.

So, admittedly not a great day but not a write-off either. Just follow your instincts and see what you get. I am really looking forward to the Spring when all the bird activity increases, but in the meantime I will still go out and do what I can. After all, you can't beat a day out in the wilds.

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